A residential college for the University of Virginia School of Data Science

Plexus is a residential college for the new data science institute for the developing Emmet-Ivy Corridor. This space will serve as a new catalyst for students to develop and experiment with their data science ideas in a collaborative living space. By creating a new axis from the Data Science Institute to the arboretum of the International Residential College, students can experience a variety of public and private spaces through the dynamic landscape of contemplative natural garden spaces. The exterior edge bounds an interior community space which disperses into multiple different paths which connect to other cores around the site including the IRC, historical buildings, the arboretum, which allows ambulatory contemplation. Plexus serves as a network of public and private areas that invoke different means of connection, modes of thinking, and ways of experiencing university life.

Completed for ARCH 3020 with William Sherman

These final drawings that detail the construction type of this Glass Box portion of the project were made in Revit and edited with Adobe.