ReACT was originally produced for ARCH 2010: Foundational Studio II with Professor Anthony Averbeck in Fall 2018

reACT is a mixed-use site that hopes to strengthen the area of the downtown mall in Charlottesville, VA. The site sits on E Main St and 2nd St SE, in the middle of the downtown mall, as an abandoned hotel (previously The Landmark). The proposed structure will combine the programmatic function of a large community center, and exercise gym with apartment housing and outdoor terrace gardens. While the site currently is a large, dense box, the proposed project will reactivate the urban structure, utilizing the space as an active community spot, and a spot for physical activity. The lower levels have a more traditional box-massing where the community can gather in classrooms for events, programs, etc. Moving vertical, the space becomes an exercise area with ellipticals, treadmills, etc. Further up the building there is a full gymnasium for basketball and team sports, as well as a racquetball court. Even further vertically, there are apartments, which have opportunities for neighborly gathering. Throughout, there are outdoor garden spaces, reactivating the natural environment within the urban structure. reACT will reengage the dead space of the extinct hotel space, and create a dynamic, mixed-use zone that reacts to the needs and desires of the community..

reACT meets the demands the downtown charlottesville community needs; namely, affordable housing, a community center (on the privileged downtown mall) and exercise and activity gym.

Through adaptive reuse of the existing Landmark Hotel structure, this design creates for an active community- physically and civically.