Lambeth Apartment

Originally produced for ARCH 2020: Radical Domesticity with Professor Maria Aragaren-Gonzalez at the UVA School of Arch, Spring 2019

As a young designer, it's important to have a foundational knowledge and understanding of the spaces you directly inhabit. At the beginning of this semester on radical domesticities, we were asked to explore our own surroundings; namely our own dwelling. As a second year architecture student at the University of Virginia, I live in an apartment complex on campus named Lambeth Apartments. I live in a three room apartment with five other guys, six people total. There are two small bathrooms, a living room and cramped kitchen. Using the basic architectural drawing types- plans, section, and axonometric- this project visually communicates my dwelling space of domesticity in my second year of residence studying at the University of Virginia School of Architecture.

This diptych of drawing shows the process of communicating the as-built condition of my Lambeth apartment. The drawing on the right is a fairly busy sketch I created as I measured my apartment. Whereas, the drawing on the right is a hardlined drawing which neatly shows the busy and messy nature of six young men sharing an apartment together.

This exercise is a practice in viewing space and communicating within the appropriate architectural drawing language. Often times, architects must appropriately understand and be able to model the as-built condition of a space before being able to propose a design solution of an addition or remodel.