Originally produced for ARCH 2020: Radical Domesticity with Professor Maria Aragarun-Gonzalez at the UVA School of Arch, Spring 2019

A new housing core for Charlottesville, VA. Each unit has porous capabilities to allow open access and gathering moments with neighbors, increasing the connectivity of the residential community. The balconies create a dynamic facade that allows residents to feel more connected to the urban fabric of street life. With operable window fins, tenets can interact with the building, creating the perfect atmospheric conditions for them. For example, if it's the morning, imagine east facing neighbors opening their hallway fins to allow morning light to fill the hallway while sharing a conversation over coffee. The form of the architecture allows for adaptable function, and more power to the user!

The aggregation of the residential community form bridge-like strips, breaking down the housing complex into smaller, more intimate hallway neighborhoods. This form also allows for dynamic, interesting, and yet efficient circulation paths. One can imagine strolling around the complex on a Sunday afternoon, enjoying the views of the beautiful courtyard-like spatial conditions of the bridge aggregations. The roof of each bridge stacks to become a rooftop garden and outdoor activity area for the residents to enjoy.

Bridge boasts over 158 housing units that can accommodate a multitude of clientele from students to young professionals, from low-income/homeless populations to wealthier tourists looking for high-end vacation condos. The ground floor buildings generate economic revenue as the programmatic features of restaurants, market space, and retail businesses stimulate activity, drawing non-tenants from all over the city into the complex.

This large project will provide more activity to the south of the famous Charlottesville Downtown Mall, allowing more businesses south of Water Street to thrive. Imagine how much more successful new developments like the Apex Building will thrive with a new housing complex very close by. Charlottesville could attract a new base of people, meaning more tax revenue, and a brighter future for the city. Bridge has the opportunity to shift the existing core of the city and allow for new growth in the urban core.